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These are not

lazy candles.

Hand poured & crafted

with a handmade wooden branded lid and

 a crackling wooden wick

for a slow, steady flame

that goes the distance.


We've done our


We've tested literally hundreds of variations of wix, waxes, oils and containers and have landed on the highest quality product you can find.

Our wood lids are hand branded making each one unique. After branding we rub mineral oil on the lid and a water based protective coat is applied. A local woodworker was hired to cut our wood lids supporting local artists.

Each candle comes in a cloth bag with a pack of branded matches. These candles were designed to be unique and high quality making them great gifts.

Our candles are thoughtfully crafted with a blend of virgin coconut/soy wax blend and the yummiest fragrance/essential oil blends. 



 Okay. I'm not going to lie. I'm freaking myself out over   how much I love these candles. I literally haven't burned   a candle in my house for 8 or 9 years. I'm going to order   more for myself and some for gifts. I used to think it was   kind of an eyeroll inducing move to give candles as gifts,   but that was then. I love these. Full stop.

 Thank you!!




Candle Vibes

We currently offer a selection of various custom scents

that make you feel - well, take a sniff and

we'll let you be the judge ...

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